Friday, March 11, 2011

Blame it on Golf

I haven't been at all active on this blog, mainly because Poker is no longer the #1 hobby in my life. 

There are many reasons for this.  For one, I got tired of buying the con that "it's just poker" when, after splashing on three streets, yet another doofus chases and hits their draw on the river.  I know the math but, apparently, they lose to somebody else not to me.  So be it.

Also, I'm almost totally out of the Online Poker world, awaiting to see what the morons we have in Washington will continue to do, in making law abiding citizens into criminals because "Jeebus doesn't like Poker" or some-such nonsense.  I have pulled my accounts at all but Absolute, and I only have about $16 in that one.  If I lose it all, I'm gone.  I have created User IDs on the new American "free" sites like WSOP and ClubWPT just to protect the "Baywolfe" brand.  When and if, I do get back into Online Poker, it will be on a site where the majority of tax money stays here in the US.  Not being jingoistic, being realistic.

I'd love to play more live Poker, but the group I was playing with have dwindled down to getting four people to show up for a cash game.  I assume that part of this is due to the combination of spousal pressures of non-playing spouses and the economy.  Even a small $20 tournament represents -$20 from the entertainment budget.

The main reason, however, has little to do with anything above.  The real reason is Golf.  You see, I live in North Texas, and we can play golf comfortably around 10 months out of the year.  Golf only has one opponent - YOU.  If you screw up, you can't blame it on anything else.  Well, you can, but all the other golfers know you're lying.  There are no 15 year old kids talking crap to me like in Poker.  If a 15 year old is better than I am, I expect a few tips.  Given respectfully, no less.

So, I'm changing it to more of a Social Networking type blog, where I post on a number of things.  I still don't promise multiple posts a week, and some of what I have to say may even be offensive to any former readers of this blog.  Sorry, your problem, not mine.

See you on the fairways...

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